Websites made functional esthetic engaging

WebMadeWell are dedicated to creating easy-to-use websites with modern and appealing design that will help your brand stand out and your business flourish.

Specialist in ready-made and custom-made websites

We have prepared modern and beautiful ready-made websites with customising options. So you can choose a design for your new website and use it right out of the box.

We also specialise in custom-made websites that are specially designed for each brand and its web content from scratch for enhanced individuality and user experience.


Websites with flexibility

Our websites are built on one of the most popular website content management systems. With its popularity it offers great flexibility to extend the features and functionality of a website. Together with our design that has various options to choose from, it really is easy to transform or extend your website as your business grows.


Websites ready to use

If you would like to choose a ready-made website design that would be perfect fit for your brand and business, we have developed a range of modern and beautiful website templates for you to choose from. Pick a design from our catalogue then we will replicate it using your content. Your website will be exactly how you want it to be.


Websites made to order

If you would like to have a website with more unique design features to stand out from the crowd, we also build custom-made websites. The website will be designed exclusively for your brand identity and web content. This guarantees your website its own individuality to carry out the identity of your brand and business online.

Brand focused design approach

We appreciate the importance of a good website because your website is most likely to be the first impression of your brand and business. When we design websites whether it’s ready-made or custom-made, we focus on the personality of brands and create designs that will empower the brand and its value.



Our objective has always been to make websites aesthetic and easy to use. Our websites are built on a tested and approved system that offers user friendly interface on both front-end and back-end. Therefore your website will be pleasing to the eye as well as easy to manage.



All our websites are created with utmost care to ensure that they are appealing to look at. With each website designed with precisely balanced layouts and typography, your brand and content will look engaging and be delivered efficiently, adding more values to your brand.



Both ready-made and custom-made websites are designed with individuality in mind. Ready-made websites come with various options for customisation, and each custom-made website offers its own unique style, to reflect your brand’s personality throughout the website.


If you are looking to have a beautiful website, and would like to know about the process and prices, or for any other enquiries, get in touch now.


Website design is evolving as its technology is constantly updated. WebMadeWell embrace this and always enjoy trying out new features to improve the functionality and usability of websites we create. Codebook is WebMadeWell’s blog showcasing code samples collected from our website development practices.