Custom-made websites

Each custom-made website has its own style of icons, imageries and typographies exclusively created for the brand and its content. These bespoke design elements help the website’s content to be delivered more efficiently, and give the website its own unique characteristic while adding more values to the brand.

How it works

1. Get a quote

Let us know about your website’s requirements using our quote request form. The form was designed to learn about your brand and web content in general to estimate the time required to build your website. If you need any specific functionality for your website, please let us know as much as details possible for more accurate estimate.

2. Send us content

If you are happy with the price and would like to go ahead, you are required to send us your website content. A website content form can be provided or you can send your own Word or PDF files to us. If you have good quality photos, send them to us too. Once we receive the content from you then we will start building your website as requested.

3. Confirm or revise

On the completion of your website we will send you a preview link, so you can see it before anyone else. We are very confident that you will be happy with the outcome. However if you would like to replace any text, images or colours, just let us know and we will update them for you1. We will publish the website only when you are completely happy with it2.


If you are looking to have a beautiful website, and would like to know about the process and prices, or for any other enquiries, get in touch now.

Want to see a design first?

If you would like to choose a design first for your website, or if you would like to have a website swiftly, why not use our ready-made web templates? By using a template your website could be built more expeditiously as it will save time on the design process, and you will know exactly how your website will look.

More about ready-made websites

  1. 1 set of revision is included in the total price.
  2. If you choose to host your website with us. If you choose to host your website somewhere else we will send you all web files including database and any information required.