Web Hosting

Your website’s online journey starts with its web hosting. Our web hosting service give your website a personal care so your website will always stay up-to-date in present.

Key features

  • Free SSL certificates
  • Website optimisation
  • Security software installation
  • Software updates[1]
  • SSD storage (fast input/output)
  • Daily website backup
  • 4 server locations (inc. UK)

It all begins with web hosting

We design and develop well made websites, but that’s not where it stops. We believe the launch of your website is where it all begins. Your website’s online journey starts from its launch and that means it needs a continuous maintenance checkups from then on. The main aim of our web hosting service is just that, providing a good care and ongoing management to our websites from their roots.

Hosting with personal care

We don’t just host your website. We offer personalised web hosting services to each website. We continuously monitor your website’s online status. We install security softwares and keep them updated. Any small updates on your website (e.g., changing addresses and phone numbers) are covered with our hosting packages[2]. So your website will stay updated just as your business.


Standard hosting

Sufficient for startup & medium websites

  • 5GB disk space
  • 5GB bandwidth (monthly)
£12/month | £120/year [3]

Unlimited hosting

Ideal for e-commerce & growing websites

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
£22/month | £220/year [3]

Free SSL certificate for more secure websites

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) ensures that, when data is sent or posted through a browser using HTTPS, such information is encrypted and secure from interception. Therefore any information transmitted within your website will have a layer of security protection against hacking from attackers.

We develop and build all our websites using HTTPS, and our web hosting comes with SSL certificate[4], so your website will be more secure and GDPR compliant.

  • 1. First year free with any of our hosting packages. After first year include as optional @ £80 (inc.VAT)/per year.
  • 2. Simple content updates only (for maximum 15 mins of working time). Major content updates will be quoted case by case.
  • 3. Contact us if you prefer monthly payment, or pay yearly for a further discount. Prices are VAT inclusive.
  • 4. If your website is handling critical data such as credit card transactions or other sensitive data, then we strongly recommend you to install a dedicated SSL certificate. Please contact us for more information.